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Paw Placement Saves Homeless Dogs and Cats

Different Breed. Different Species. Different Story.
All Paw Placement Animals have one thing in common.


Your donations help us rescue more lives.
Paw Placement's life-saving programs are only possible through public donations. Every penny matters. Please support Paw Placement and all of the animals who need our help.

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It only takes a little to save a life. 

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Donate to Paw Placement​Monthly Giving:

Monthly contributions offer a reliable source of income for our cats and dogs. You can make an impact with any monthly donation.

One Time Giving:

We rely on donations from you to keep our life-saving programs running successfully. Thank you for your gift.

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Donate an Item on Our Wish List

Paw Placement Saves CatsCreature Comforts:

There are items that help us keep our rescued animals safe, clean and happy. Donations are greatly appreciated - meow! woof!

Donate in Honor of

Paw Placement Saves PuppiesHonor Giving:

Celebrate someone special, commemorate an occasion, honor a furry friend. Give a gift to homeless animals in honor of loved ones, past and present.
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 Donations in Lieu of Gifts/Flowers:

Ask guests to donate to Paw Placement and receive cards to insert in announcements or invitations.

Donate at Work

Paws at Work Matching Gifts for Paw PlacementHow to Give at Work:
For individuals giving through a work place or a corporation wanting to help via direct donations.
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