Remember Your Pets in Your Estate Plans

Stewardship - Planning Ahead for Your Pet

We see it every day .... Pets left behind with no provision when their owner's pass away. If there is noone designated to care for your animals should something happen to you, they become homeless. Pampered pets often find themselves at kill-shelters simply because no one considered their future in the event of human death.

Paw Placement Is Here to Help if You Predecease Them

Puppy AngelBy remembering Paw Placement in your plans, we guarantee that your beloved pet is never homeless and in harm's way. By leaving a minimum bequest of $500.00, we will find your companion animal a new, loving forever home should you predecease them.

Put your mind at ease knowing that should something happen to you, your pet will immediately go into one of our loving foster homes until a forever home is carefully selected. Your cat or dog will never be euthanized and we accept companion animals regardless of age. All will live their full lives happily.

Estate Planning

There are many ways to act as a Guardian Angel for Paw Placement:

  • Name Paw Placement as a beneficiary in a will or living trust
  • Establish a Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Name Paw Placement as a beneficiary of of a life insurance policy or retirement account.

Please speak with your attorney to discuss what options are most comfortable for you. Or you may Contact Us for more information.

The legal name of our organization is: Paw Placement, A Helping Hand for Pets dba Paw Placement Animal Rescue. Tax ID: 47-0885377.